Lita : Co-Founder + Photographer + Visual Artist

Lita is an avant-garde artist who uses music and video as a tool for self-expression and emotion. Experimenting through mediums of film, sound, video analog and synthesizers, she is able to innovate a fantasy world where music and video art go together.

Anthony : Co-Founder + Video/Web Editor + Visual Artist

Anthony is a multi-disciplinary artist and mystic, currently residing in Brooklyn, NY. Using psychedelic visual stimuluation, he aims to put the viewer into a trance. Exploring interests ranging from alchemy to nightlife - he is still going down the rabbit hole. 


Starr : Videographer + Visual Artist

Starr is a non-binary experimental video artist,  event producer, and DJ based in Brooklyn, NY. Working with early-age analog video controllers to bend and manipulate color, vibrancy, and delay, Starr uses live-video synthesis and personal feedback loops to create the acid-like effects you see on screen.

Amad : Product Designer

Amad Ilyas is a Creative Director originally from New Jersey now based in London. Much of their work focuses on identity, communities, and belonging. They are constantly examining imaginative ways to see the world, through various mediums, ideas, and unexpected long reads.

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